Integrated Building Solutions/Services

Integrated Building Solutions provides the following services :

a. Project Costing –  Feasibility studies, project costing, bill of quantities, change orders as the project is proceeding and final account.

b. Turnkey projects  – Integrated Building Solutions provides full ‘turnkeybuilding solutions by taking your project through the architectural and planning stages to its efficient build and completion.

c. Project management Integrated Building Solutions offers a full project management service to reduce the client’s risk and to firmly control the budget and construction programme. We are fully committed to ensuring that all projects are completed within the allocated time and budget and in accordance with the client’s specifications.

d. Energy efficient housingIntegrated Building Solutions encourages and supports clients to use energy efficient housing principles when renovating or building their new homes.  Energy efficient building is the future and creates advantages for the client by saving money over time and reducing their carbon footprint.

e. House constructionIntegrated Building Solutions have partnered with El Eljon Projects in terms of house construction and they have many years experience in this industry.

f. Interior designIntegrated Building Solutions together with consultants in the area will provide you with advice and input on interior design and layout.

g. LandscapingIntegrated Building Solutions together with Ina Scholtz Landscaping will provide you the required input around your landscaping requirements.

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